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Hero has a very high boss capability. It has three damage outputs, being advanced combo Enrage and chance attack. Plus, you can get very high % ignore defense with less potential lines, temporary 100% statu resistance and more. With hyper skills, you can deal up to 120% more damage from combo, then with enrage, it’s 60 other % of damage including combo and finally another 25% of overall dmg from chance attack being deal after you use Panic. So, your range % x skill x combo x enrage x chance attack or this, range x %skill raging blow x 2.2 x 1.6 x 1.25. As well as Puncture skill, while on DoT effect, you gain extra crit damage (can’t tell if minimum, maximum crit or both), but also benefits other party members by giving half amount.

Seriously, other people only care when about to deal cap damage. But in 6 months, Hero will do 8 lines on enraged form of raging blow! Simple to play and its very easy to deal high damage but on certain end-game bosses, it can be a bit tough 😛 But with the time, you will master a Hero pretty good and you will be insane.
Just saying, I got asked several times why i keep playing Hero. I love him since 2007. Even when i made it, i didn’t even know it would be a good bossing. I picked this one because of the class name, feeling like a true hero of maple world XD And also, Hero never gets nerfed. It is too well balanced XD I don’t just play for damage, but also collecting medals and playing the most possible in-game to fund myself, without breaking ToS, only spent a 300$ for scrolling sword and get sword/emblem to legendary. The rest of my current equips are all in-game cubing, epic and mostly unique. Seriously, you wont need much money to get cap damage, you will hit it very fast.

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