Unable to claim the Andromeda Chair?

Okay, so I just finished collecting all 12 Constellation Chairs… but I see no quest or anything that will give me the Andromeda Chair.

Here are my Constellation Chair collection. I have

1. Double-checked to make sure I did not buy two of the same chair.
2. Checked my event icon to see if I have received or completed any event quest.
3. Talked to all NPCs, including Cassandra.
4. Tried logging off and then back on.

Is this a glitch? Please look into this issue.

P.S. Last year I’ve done this with my Jett, and that time I was able to receive the Andromeda rewards with no problem. (yes, this is my SECOND time collecting the entire set)

MapleStory Volunteer idea

Last time this event ran, only one character per world could receive the Andromeda Rewards. We are supposed to be able to do this event again (reset). OP is supposed to be able to claim the chair again this year, at this point I would define this as a bug.

For clarification, even if the event reset that doesn’t mean we can do it on multiple characters after the reset. The reset is only once. We were intended to be able to participate in the event again once. And again if the event returns again some other time with another reset.

OP can submit a bug report in the bug reporting section of the forum, following the bug reporting guidelines. It might help to submitt a ticket to Nexon explaining the situation, if you do file it under.

Gameplay Issue > Event and Contest Issues

There is a chance they might gift you the chair (I can’t promise anything), but doesn’t hurt trying. I think you totally deserve it after the effort :3

Bug reports/threads I have seen so far related to this topic.

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