Upcoming skill changes REBOOT Edition! Round 1

Remember when I talked about what skill changes are gonna happen in Black Heaven and Maple Ice & Burn? Well I thought of doing another one, this time it’s REBOOT, World Tour (September 10 update), and Chuseok (September 26 update). Here we go! The changes!

Round 1: REBOOT
Well this is a biggie. Draining skills now use your max HP instead of damage dealt, different binding skills can no longer stack plus their cooldowns have been increased, self-resurrection skills had their cooldowns super extended plus cooldown reset skills don’t work on them anymore, many casting delays have been decreased, buff skills’ durations have been unified, and Final Attack skills not only got their activations fixed, but they also don’t trigger Damage Reflect anymore. I’m only going to explain the changes that don’t fit under any of the 6 common changes.

Hero: Since Combo Fury doesn’t consume Combo Orbs anymore, Combo Attack now gives 2 W.ATT per Combo Orb, which means the skill is not redundant in 2nd job anymore. But for those who maxed out all the 4th job skills, this basically translates into a 20 W.ATT buff. Equipping an axe now gives you a 5% damage boost, which probably gives two-handed axes purpose again. Enrage not only doesn’t have a duration anymore, but it now also gives Raging Blow 2 extra lines instead of a 10% damage boost.

Paladin: HP Recovery now fully diminishes after 5 consecutive uses instead of 10, Guardian’s invincibility duration has been halved, and if you’re equipping a mace, not only is the DEF Ignore boost increased to 10%, but now you also get a 5% max crit boost. This would make two-handed maces a better choice over two-handed swords. And then there’s Blast. It has gained an extra hit which effectively cancelled out the indirect Blast nerf back in the Shining Star update, plus the buff duration got increased to a whopping 90 seconds.

Dark Knight: At first, spears have a faster attack speed than polearms, but once you get to Briser, polearms are now faster than spears. This is because spears have an Attack Speed of 6 (Normal), Necro Polearm and polearms below level 120 have AS of 8 (Slow), and Briser Polearm and polearms above level 120 have AS of 5 (Fast). To make spears better than polearms on all levels, equipping a spear now gives you 1 Attack Speed stage increase and a 5% damage boost. The Attack Speed boost will make endgame spears have the same speed as endgame polearms, but to keep spears and polearms from being twins, spears get a 5% damage increase as well. To maximize Cross Surge’s efficiency, Lord of Darkness’s drain effect now procs all the time. In other news, Gungnir’s Descent gained 2 lines, Nightshade Explosion’s cooldown got increased by 2 seconds, and Dark Thirst now gives you an extra 20 W.ATT.

Archmage (Fire/Poison): Mist Eruption now has a cooldown again because the Cooldown Cutter hyper is now -50% instead of -100% (No more Flame Haze-Mist Eruption combo spam), Paralyze’s Reinforce hyper has been halved, Infinity’s damage increase is now 8%, and Megiddo Flame now has 9 lines and a 50 second cooldown.

Archmage (Ice/Lightning): Freezing Crush’s damage boost on Lightning skills per Freeze stack is now 6% instead of 8%, which means Lightning skills now deal 30% bonus damage on enemies with 5 Freeze stacks instead of 40%, Chain Lightning gains a line, but its Reinforce hyper has been halved, Teleport Mastery’s Reinforce hyper has also been halved, Thunder Storm now follows you faster than ever, and Lightning Orb hits 7 times faster, doesn’t trigger Damage Reflect anymore (Finally!!), and its cooldown is now 60 seconds.

Bishop: Heal and Dispel both now have cooldowns, but you can halve or bypass them if you’re in a party, Heal’s debuff is now only 2 seconds long and the damage boost from the debuff is now only 10%, Resurrection now gives party members 3 second invincibility, giving them time to safely rebuff, and Righteously Indignant now gives 25% Elemental Resistance Ignore (About time!!).

Bowmaster: Bowmasters gain an extra 30 W.ATT, Marksmanship’s 15% damage boost was converted to a 25% W.ATT boost, Arrow Stream gains a line, Binding Shot gains 2 lines, Armor Break now activates every 1 second, Hurricane got stronger on both the skill damage and the Reinforce hyper, and Installed Arrow Platter got stronger and doesn’t trigger Damage Reflect anymore (Finally!!) but also doesn’t activate Final Attack anymore as well.

Marksman: KMS swapped Snipe – Cooldown Cutter and Snipe – Limit Break’s required levels, Cooldown Cutter is now 177 and Limit Break is now 195. Which is meaningless in GMS because passive hyper skill level requirements in GMS are not the same in KMS. Our Snipe – Cooldown Cutter requires level 155 while our Snipe – Limit Break requires level 177.

Night Lord: Sudden Raid doesn’t trigger Damage Reflect anymore (So you can safely clear away minions of a boss who has DR active), Showdown’s base EXP and drop bonus is now only 10%, Bleed Dart’s DoT is now 1000% (Venom on steroids!), and Death Star’s cooldown is now 2 seconds longer.

Shadower: Meso Explosion now has a 5 second cooldown (Wut.), Sudden Raid doesn’t trigger Damage Reflect anymore (So you can safely clear away minions of a boss who has DR active), Smokescreen’s cooldown is now 4 minutes, Assassinate can now be used in the air and its final blow now hits twice, and Shadow Veil’s cooldown is now 65 seconds.

Dual Blade: With the help of the Battle Analysis system, all intermittent errors were eliminated. Therefore, Asura’s Anger doesn’t trigger Damage Reflect anymore (For real this time!). Final Cut’s damage boost no longer depends on your charge time. What this means is that you no longer need to fill up the charge bar to get the full 60% damage buff. You now just have to tap the skill button and you will still get the full effect. The charge bar now only affects the damage of the attack, not that it is important anyway. Sudden Raid not only doesn’t trigger Damage Reflect anymore (So you can safely clear away minions of a boss who has DR active), but it now also skips 20% of Final Cut’s cooldown (Essentially Final Cut – Cooldown Cutter).
Buccaneer: The previously scrapped ability of Spiral Assault usable during other skills has been brought back, but now with a restriction, if used during other skills, a 4 second cooldown will be applied, Nautilus Strike not only doesn’t trigger Damage Reflect anymore (So you can safely clear away minions of a boss who has DR active), but it now also gives you a Final Attack effect for 40 seconds, and its cooldown is now 60 seconds on all levels, Time Leap’s cooldown is now only 3 minutes, but now while the skill is on cooldown, you cannot be affected by another Buccaneer’s Time Leap, Typhoon Crush’s chance is now applied to every hit instead of every attack skill instance, Pirate’s Revenge’s damage reduction is now 40%, and Power Unity lost a good chunk of damage.

Corsair: Corsairs gain 30 W.ATT and 20% damage thanks to the buffs on Fullmetal Jacket and Majestic Presence, Octo-Cannon is now twice as strong as before, Rapid Fire’s Reinforce hyper is now 30%, Brain Scrambler gained a line, and Nautilus Strike not only doesn’t trigger Damage Reflect anymore (So you can safely clear away minions of a boss who has DR active), but it now also skips 50% of All Aboard and Roll of the Dice’s cooldowns and increases Majestic Presence’s damage by 30% while Nautilus Strike is on cooldown.

Cannoneer: Monkey Fury’s debuff is now 30 seconds long, Nautilus Strike not only doesn’t trigger Damage Reflect anymore (So you can safely clear away minions of a boss who has DR active), but it now also skips 50% of Barrel Roulette and Roll of the Dice’s cooldowns, Cannon Overload now also gives 1 Attack Speed stage increase, Monkey Militia’s Split Attack hyper now actually increases total damage of the skill, Buckshot’s damage ratio is now 45% instead of 40%, which means the total damage increase is now 35% instead of 20%, and Rolling Rainbow is 2.25 times stronger than before.

Cygnus Knights: Elemental Expert now gives 10% W.ATT and M.ATT instead of 50% Elemental Resistance Ignore. Mihile and Blaze Wizard can now receive the skill.
Mihile: Suddenly, Revamp! Mihile now has a warp to Ereve skill and Guardian of Light on himself changed to a variation of Holy Magic Shell that also reduces damage of %HP attacks and gives a damage boost as long as the shield is up. A specialized skill called Royal Guard has been added and what it does is if you get hit very shortly after activating the skill, you’ll block the attack and unleash a counterattack burst. If you successfully block an attack, you’ll be invincible for 2 seconds and receive a 10 second W.ATT buff. Consecutive successful guards will enhance the counterattack and the W.ATT buff and once you reach 3rd job and unlock Advanced Royal Guard, 4 or more successful guards in a row grants the counterattack the ability to ignore Weapon Cancel and Damage Reflect. This skill has a cooldown of 5 seconds. Soul Link takes place of Radiant Buster and what Soul Link does is give you a damage boost based on how many party members you have, recover 1% of your max HP every 4 seconds, 20% of damage to party members will be redirected to you (Royal Guard can nullify the redirected damage), successfully blocking an attack grants party members an increase on W.ATT and M.ATT by half of your own, and party members gain 12% status resistance and 30% DEF. Radiant Blast has been replaced by Shining Cross which has a blind chance instead of a stun chance but also has 4 lines as opposed to 6, and the passive hypers for Shining Cross are Reinforce, Extra Strike, and Install. The first two are self-explanatory, while Install lets you create a summon that lasts 7 seconds and always blinds enemies. Rage is now called Cheer and also gives 20 W.ATT permanently, Trinity Attack now hits up to 6 monsters in order to make up for the removal of Radiant Buster, Magic Crash is now 2 seconds longer, Radiant Charge’s damage boost is now a whopping 60%, Righteous Indignation’s bonus damage to debuffed enemies is now 40%, Maple Warrior has been replaced by Call of Cygnus which doesn’t require Mastery Books to unlock level 30, Four-Point Assault now hits 6 times on up to 2 monsters (Removing the redundancy of Roiling Soul’s max enemies limit being applied to Four-Point Assault, and shouldn’t Four-Point Assault be called Six-Point Assault now?) but the blind duration is now only 10 seconds, Stance now passively increases your stance by 100%, Soul Asylum now also gives you %HP damage reduction, Sacred Cube now has a cooldown of 210 seconds and also lasts for only 30 seconds, the 20 W.ATT was replaced with 10% damage and while the buff is active, Royal Guard’s first guard will always work (Does it mean the first consecutive Royal Guard or the first use of Royal Guard after activating Sacred Cube?), and Charging Light’s debuff duration is now 15 seconds, but its cooldown is now only 30 seconds and the attack now has 10 lines.

Dawn Warrior: Falling Moon’s damage ratio is now 60% in 2nd job and 90% in 4th job, Rising Sun’s damage boost is now 30% in 3rd job and 55% in 4th job, True Sight by itself no longer has elemental resistance reduction (The Enhance hyper will give it back), Will of Steel’s status resistance boost is now 30%, Unpredictable now gives 15% boss damage, and Styx Crossing when fully charged now hits 15 times and can now be cancelled by using another skill while charging and its cooldown has been halved to 45 seconds.

Blaze Wizard: Orbital Flame lost 200 range and its Reinforce hyper, and the Split Attack hyper lost a good chunk of damage, but with the new Add Range hyper, which is a toggle skill for some reason, you can get back half of the range lost. On a less serious note, Towering Inferno gains 2 lines and its cooldown has been cut in half to 30 seconds, Phoenix Run now revives you with half of your max HP, and Cataclysm’s cooldown is now 10 seconds longer, but you will no longer become a sitting duck when you use it thanks to the addition of invincibility on the cast delay.
Wind Archer: Wind Archers get 40% boss damage for free, Song of Heaven targeting a single enemy now deals 13% more damage and its Boss Rush hyper is increased to 30%, Trifling Wind III went from 34% normal rate and 6% enhance rate to 40% normal rate and 10% enhance rate, and Monsoon’s cooldown has been cut in half to 45 seconds.

Night Walker: Shadow Dodge now has a 5 second cooldown (Wut.), Dark Sight can no longer be interfered by Dark Servant or Shadow Illusion, Enveloping Darkness now gives only 10% status resistance and it also lost its max HP boost (RIP, at least Hyper Stats and the update to Cygnus Knights’s link skill will make up for it in time), Quintuple Star got a bit weaker and its Critical Chance hyper has been halved to 10%, Shadow Stitch now moves along the ground faster and the cooldown reduction for every enemy hit changed to bind duration extension for every enemy hit, Vitality Siphon’s Preparation hyper has been doubled to 2% per stack, Dark Servant and Shadow Illusion’s damage ratios now apply to the damage cap, which means they no longer cap at 50 million, but Shadow Illusion’s cooldown is now 3 minutes, and Dominion’s cooldown is also now 3 minutes.

Thunder Breaker: Thunder Breakers must have been penalized greatly if they died while Arc Charger was active. To remedy this, every time you gain a Lightning Buff stack or refresh the buff duration, you skip 6 seconds of Arc Charger’s cooldown, which means after within 30 activations, you can recast Arc Charger right away. Meanwhile, Deep Rising’s cooldown has been cut in half to 45 seconds.
Aran: Incoming overhaul! Double Swing, Triple Swing, and Full Swing all now make the next skill used stronger, Final Charge’s dash effect now works with no monsters in front of you (Now it’s a proper Rush skill!), Snow Charge’s debuff now makes monsters take an extra 10% damage (For bosses, it’s halved to 5%), Combo Smash, Combo Fenrir, and Combo Judgment all had their Combo Count costs decreased, and Combo Judgment gained a line, all the Stance, all the Status Resistance, and 4/7 of the W.ATT boost from Advanced Combo Ability are all now passive, Final Toss now makes you jump into the air, Over Swing now increases the first swing’s damage and its damage boost to Double Swing and Triple Swing are both buffed, Final Blow gains a line and while using the skill, you now have 100% Stance, but max monsters hit is now 6, Combo Tempest now drops normal monsters’ HP to 1000 and can be used twice in a row (The second cast will consume no Combo Count), but if you do, it will go on cooldown for 15 seconds, Boss Reverse Combo’s Combo Count generation is now twice as fast, Unlimited Combo now gives 10% damage, Beyond Blade’s 3 attacks now hit 6 times each, but max monsters hit is now 6, but as trade-off, every 1 less than max monsters hit will do 6% more damage (Beyond Blade will be 30% stronger when hitting only 1 monster, or 36% with Pipsqueak Light Lumi), and while using the skill, you now have 100% Stance and 15% normal and %HP damage reduction.

Evan: While it’s nice that Evans finally got their skills updated, this is not enough. All they did was give Illusion 2 more lines and make Dark Fog’s Split Attack hyper now actually increase total damage of the skill.

Mercedes: Linking attacks now let you skip 1 second on Unicorn Spike’s cooldown (About time!!), and Rolling Moonsault now has a cooldown of 4 seconds (I guess it’s because Rolling Moonsault is much stronger than Aerial Barrage).

Phantom: In order to reduce dependency on Explorers’ 4th job attack skills, Mille Aiguilles’s attack interval is now comparable to Corsair’s Rapid Fire. In other news, KMS finally resolved the unused 2nd Job SP by increasing Devil’s Luck’s max level to 10 and its LUK boost to 60, which is basically a measly 20 LUK buff, and Carte Rose Finale’s field damage has been doubled and doesn’t trigger Damage Reflect anymore (Finally!!), plus the cooldown has been decreased to 65 seconds.

Shade: I guess Soul Splitter’s double EXP effect is so OP, because the Separated Soul is now only 20 seconds long and on top of that, the cooldown is now 3 minutes. Bomb Punch is now stronger and faster, which makes its auto added attack more sensible.

Luminous: I guess Ray of Redemption without a cooldown undermines the suspense of battle, not that it is great for recovering your HP in the first place. Other than that however, Black Blessing now generates an orb every 3 seconds instead of 5 which means the 70% damage reduction now occurs more often and you now have to wait for 9 seconds instead of 15 to get the full 30 M.ATT boost, Dark Crescendo’s full 30% damage boost is now twice as fast to get because the max number of stacks has been cut in half to 15 but each stack now gives 2% damage, and Equilibrium mode now lasts 2 seconds longer thanks to the Darkness Mastery buff.

Demon Slayer: The buffs on Outrage, Focused Fury, and Barricade Mastery basically give Demon Slayers an extra 30 W.ATT and 15% damage. Chaos Lock’s Fury cost has been doubled to 20, Raven Storm’s cooldown has been doubled to 10 seconds, Boundless Rage is now 10 seconds shorter and its cooldown is now 20 seconds longer, Leech Aura’s max heal is now 25% of your max HP, but the heal cooldown is now only 5 seconds, Demon Cry now has a cooldown of 14 seconds (It took them that long to realize that if Boundless Rage is active, Demon Cry can be spammed even with the increased Fury cost penalty!?), but it gains 2 lines and the damage per hit is much stronger and its debuff duration is now 5 seconds longer and the cooldown is halved if Boundless Rage is active, Infernal Concussion’s Fury cost is now 15, and For Liberty now consumes only 10 Fury.

Demon Avenger: With the updated Blood Contract, your damage is now based off of your max HP instead of your current HP. If you hit the HP cap, any more max HP increases will actually keep increasing your damage. This is great because 1) damage increase from your HP is no longer limited and 2) going from 100% current HP to 70% current HP or lower will no longer cripple your damage. As a trade-off, however, a single max HP gives less damage than before. With the updated Exceed system, switching from one Exceed skill to another will no longer reset your Exceed skills’ power stage or your Overload stacks. For example, switching from Execution to Demon Strike will not reset your Exceed stage or your Overload stacks to 0, eliminating the frustration of losing both your final stage bonus and your Overload Release charge. Switching Exceed skills now gives you an Overload stack, which means now you gain Overload stacks from using any Exceed skill. To further buff the Exceed system, Thousand Swords’s HP cost changed from 5000 HP to 15% of your max HP, but as a trade-off, using the skill now gives you 5 Overload stacks, awesome for recharging Overload Release. Exceed – Execution at its final stage now hits 6 times, but it now also hits only up to 2 monsters. The bad news is that Diabolic Recovery’s max HP increase dropped to 25%.

Battle Mage: The short end of the stick just got shorter because Battle Mages lost 10% M.ATT and Sweeping Staff’s cooldown is now 4 seconds longer.

Wild Hunter: There is no bright side for Wild Hunters, but then again, Wild Hunters are way too strong. Anyway, the main nerf is on the Another Bite debuff. Summon Jaguar’s basic attacks no longer drain and its debuff rate is now only 15%, Swipe’s debuff rate is now 30% and its cooldown is now 5 seconds, Dash ‘n Slash’s cooldown is now 7 seconds, Sonic Roar’s debuff rate is now 40% and its cooldown is now 6 seconds, Jaguar Rampage now inflicts just 1 debuff stack and its and Exploding Arrows’s cooldowns are both now 14 seconds, Silent Rampage’s duration dropped to 40 seconds and its cooldown is now 10 seconds longer, Wild Arrow Blast’s Guardbreak hyper dropped to 10%, Drill Salvo’s cooldown is now 5 seconds longer, and Hunting Assistant Unit’s attack duration is now 3 seconds and its reload time is unchanged, but its summon duration is now 31 seconds, which means it now attacks 5 times before disappearing, however, the total time of attacking decreased from 16 seconds to 15 seconds and the total time of reloading increased from 12 seconds to 16 seconds.

Mechanic: The big changes? Gatling Gun, Heavy Gatling Gun, Heavy Salvo, AP Salvo, Advanced Homing Beacon, Heavy Salvo Plus, AP Salvo Plus, and the Reinforce hyper for Salvo Plus all got weaker. Also, AP Salvo Plus lost a line. The only other big change that happened was on Giant Robot: SG-88. It’s about 3 times stronger than before, the charge gauge gets filled faster, has touch damage, hits the entire screen, and while summoned, normal damage and %HP damage taken are both reduced by half, but its cooldown is now 30 seconds. As for the small changes, you can now grab on to a rope or ladder in mid-air dash instead of only when the rope or ladder is at the endpoint of an air dash, Rocket Booster’s shortcut command (Up twice) has been removed (Why would they do this!?), and Full Spread’s cooldown is now 10 seconds longer.

Xenon: Combat Switch: Air Whip now has 2 lines instead of just 1, which makes it 1-shot much more often in 3rd job. With an extra line added to Mecha Purge: Bomber Mode as well as increasing its max monsters hit to 15, this pretty much renders Tank Mode completely redundant. Triangulation no longer triggers Damage Reflect, because it’s possible to die from Aegis System activating Triangulation’s attack on a boss with DR on. Perspective Shift now consumes 4 energy instead of 6, while Hybrid Defenses now consumes 7 energy instead of 10. This means that the first 3 energy required buffs now consume a total of 14 energy instead of 19. Orbital Cataclysm’s debuff duration is decreased to 10 seconds, but its cooldown is decreased to 50 seconds.

Kaiser: In order to nerf Kaisers that are using Ryude’s Sword without nerfing the other Kaisers, KMS downgraded Ryude’s Sword’s bonus effect from an extra strike to a 70% Final Attack. As for Kaiser himself, Stone Dragon and Inferno Breath’s fire field don’t trigger Damage Reflect anymore, and Ancestral Prominence’s cooldown dropped to 60 seconds.

Angelic Buster: Pink Pummel’s dash effect now works with no monsters in front of you (Now it’s a proper Rush skill!), Trinity gained an extra hit, Soul Seeker Expert’s damage ratio is now 75%, and Supreme Supernova tripled in number of hits and had its cooldown decreased to 65 seconds.

Zero: With the help of the Battle Analysis system, all intermittent errors were eliminated. Therefore, all indirect attacks (Blade shots, vortex, electric field, shockwave, and thrown weapon) don’t trigger Damage Reflect anymore (Finally!!). All attacks except for the 1st growth attacks got weaker, both Alpha and Beta lose 10% crit rate because Doubletime – Detect is now 2% crit rate per stack instead of 3%, Time Distortion’s cooldown is now 4 minutes, while Shadow Rain’s cooldown is now 5 minutes, Alpha loses 10 W.ATT and his DEF ignore dropped to 30%, while Beta loses 20 W.ATT and 20% boss damage and her damage boost from hitting every 1 less than max monsters decreased from 15% to 6%, which means that the damage boost from hitting a single enemy dropped from 75% to 30% (Or with Pipsqueak Light Lumi, from 90% to 36%), Solid Body’s status resistance is now 40%, while Reinforce Body now has 10% status resistance (Basically, Beta gave 10% status resistance to Alpha), Divine Leer’s bleed duration is now 10 seconds and recovery from each proc is now 5% max HP, Immune Barrier’s duration is now only 5 seconds, and Critical Bind’s debuff duration is now 4 seconds and the immunity duration is now 20 seconds.

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