Upcoming skill changes REBOOT Edition! Round 2

Remember when I talked about what skill changes are gonna happen in Black Heaven and Maple Ice & Burn? Well I thought of doing another one, this time it’s REBOOT, World Tour (September 10 update), and Chuseok (September 26 update). Here we go! The changes!

Round 2: World Tour

This time, the common changes are the removal of all instant kill effects from skills, the addition of many new final damage boosts, and changing all elemental resistance reduction values to 10%. Once again, I’m only going to explain the changes that don’t fit under any of the common changes.

Hero: Holding the down arrow key while using Combo Fury now makes you pull yourself to a monster (Suddenly, Hookshot!).

Paladin: Heaven’s Hammer now hits 7 times and does 30% more damage to boss monsters and its cooldown is only 1 second shorter than before (Wut.).
Dark Knight: In Reboot, all self-resurrection skills had their cooldowns increased, except for Final Pact. KMS was aware that Final Pact’s cooldown did not get increased in the previous balance patch. To leave no stone unturned, but also in order to avoid ruining Final Pact, instead of increasing its cooldown, the Cooldown Cutter hyper’s cooldown reduction has been decreased to 10%. For good measure on toning down Dark Knight’s power, Gungnir’s Descent – Boss Rush is now 10% and Dark Thirst’s cooldown is now 120 seconds.

Archmage (Fire/Poison): Poison Breath, Poison Mist, Paralyze, and Flame Haze all had their DoT damages increased, but their DoT durations have been decreased. This is to increase the difficulty of maintaining maximum power of Mist Eruption. Poison Mist now lasts for only 15 seconds and it now only inflicts poison at the moment the mist has been created, Paralyze’s damage is slightly decreased and the paralysis duration is now only 5 seconds, Mist Eruption’s damage boost per stacked DoT is now 20% instead of 35%, which means the attack now does 80% more damage to enemies with 5 DoT stacks instead of 140%, Mist Eruption’s Extra Strike hyper has been changed to a Limit Break hyper which raises the damage cap for Mist Eruption to 70 million, increasing Mist Eruption’s maximum damage from 450 million to 560 million, and Inferno Aura’s damage is halved, but the attack cycle is also halved and the MP cost per second is now 150.

Archmage (Ice/Lightning): Chain Lightning now hits up to 6 monsters (About time!!), Absolute Zero Aura’s MP cost is now 60 MP per second, and Lightning Orb got weaker.

Bowmaster: Because Installed Arrow Platter doesn’t trigger Damage Reflect anymore, it became too useful. As a result, there is now a 5 second cooldown for installing Arrow Platter and you can no longer install Arrow Platter in the air. To compensate, Hurricane – Reinforce has been buffed again. Mortal Blow’s new effect is that every 10th attack will be 80% stronger than normal.

Marksman: Mortal Blow’s new effect is that 10% of all your attacks will be 20% stronger than normal and the HP and MP recovery from every activation is now only 1% of your max HP and max MP.

Night Lord: Dark Sight will now be deactivated and enter a cooldown if you dodge a %HP attack with Dark Sight and the cooldown increases as you dodge more %HP attacks, Shadow Web now has a 5 second cooldown and using the skill now makes you jump into the air, and Death Star’s cooldown is now 4 seconds longer.

Shadower: Dark Sight will now be deactivated and enter a cooldown if you dodge a %HP attack with Dark Sight and the cooldown increases as you dodge more %HP attacks. However, if Dark Sight was automatically activated by Advanced Dark Sight, cooldown will not be applied. Phase Dash no longer pushes mesos, Shadowers now have Advanced Dark Sight, Dagger Expert gives 10 more W.ATT, and Shadow Veil’s cooldown is now 5 seconds shorter.

Dual Blade: Dark Sight will now be deactivated and enter a cooldown if you dodge a %HP attack with Dark Sight and the cooldown increases as you dodge more %HP attacks. However, if Dark Sight was automatically activated by Advanced Dark Sight, cooldown will not be applied.

Buccaneer: Nautilus Strike’s Final Attack effect upgraded from 50% chance to deal 1 extra hit to 70% chance to deal 2 extra hits and Crossbones’s 15% damage boost changed to a 20% W.ATT boost.

Corsair: Blunderbuster’s damage is slightly increased and its cast delay is decreased so that 3rd job will go faster and Nautilus Strike’s cooldown is now 30 seconds on all levels.

Cannoneer: Extra damage to enemies with Monkey Fury’s debuff is now 40% and Pirate’s Spirit now gives 40% boss damage.

Mihile: Guardian of Light’s damage boost no longer disappears after using up all the guards, it now only disappears after the duration expires (Making it now more like Divine Shield), and Advanced Final Attack’s activation rate is now 75%, but also its damage is now 185%.

Cygnus Knights: Big news!! Cygnus Knights’ Cygnus Blessing link skill can now be shared to each other!!

Dawn Warrior: True Sight now makes monsters take 10% more damage.
Wind Archer: If an arrow from Trifling Wind targets an enemy which dies or disappears before the arrow hits, the arrow now targets at another enemy, and Song of Heaven is now 20% stronger if it only hits one enemy.

Night Walker: Dark Sight will now be deactivated and enter a cooldown if you dodge a %HP attack with Dark Sight and the cooldown increases as you dodge more %HP attacks, and Shadow Stitch doesn’t trigger Damage Reflect anymore (Yay!).
Thunder Breaker: Arc Charger’s damage ratio is now 50%.

Aran: Combo Tempest’s ability to be used a second time that doesn’t consume Combo has been removed, but the cooldown for using the skill twice in a row has also been removed, and the attack now hits 6 times, but its freeze duration is now only 5 seconds.

Mercedes: Ignis Roar’s W.ATT boost from linking attacks changed to a 2% final damage boost for every linked attack, you can now have 2 Elemental Knights summoned at one time, and Ancient Warding’s 40% damage boost changed to a 30% W.ATT boost.

Phantom: Judgment Draw’s Drop Rate card is now 5% in 2nd job and 10% in 4th job, Shroud Walk now has a cooldown by 1.5 seconds times the number of movements made, Phantom Swiftness is now a triple jump, Bishop’s Heal used by Phantom now has a longer cooldown, Blason Fantome is stronger, while Mille Aiguilles is weaker, Tempest hits 3 times faster than before, now has 60% bonus crit rate, and you can now move while using the skill, but as it grows bigger, you will move slower, and Final Judgment Draw no longer gives drop rate increase.

Shade: Critical Insight now gives passive critical rate by 15%, Death Mark’s drain effect is now only 1%, and Spirit Bond Max now gives 15% more damage.
Luminous: Arcane Pitch’s DEF ignore effect is now passive.

Demon Slayer: Curse of Fury’s new effect is that 1% of all your attacks will deal double damage (HP recovery is unchanged).

Demon Avenger: After updating both the Exceed system and Blood Contract, it’s Overload Release’s turn to be heavily buffed. Overload Release now gives a 15% final damage boost instead of a max HP boost, it no longer requires max Overload stacks in order to use the skill, but if you activate it without having max Overload stacks, the final damage boost and HP healed will be partial, and after using the skill, your Exceed skills’ power stage will now only be halved instead of being reset to 0, giving your Exceed skills a head start on repowering up to the final stage. The final damage boost gets upgraded to 25% by Advanced Life Sap, Rage Within’s STR boost has been converted to a 1200 max HP boost, and Bat Swarm, Shield Charge, and Nether Shield all now consume a percentage of your max HP instead of a fixed HP cost.

Resistance: Much like the Cygnus Knights’ link skill change, Resistance’s Spirit of Freedom link skill can now be shared to each other.

Battle Mage: Draining Aura’s recovery limit is now 15% of your max HP, but there is now a 3 second cooldown between heals (Each party member have their own cooldowns).

Wild Hunter: The new Character Card effect is that 10%/15%/20%/25% of your attacks will have their damage amplified by 10%/15%/20%/25%, Another Bite’s damage boost per character level is now every 3 levels instead of 2, cooldown reduction from Summon Jaguar – Cooldown Cutter is now only 10%, and Feline Berserk’s W.ATT boost is now 20% and its Reinforce hyper is now only 5%.
Mechanic: Mechanic Dash now has a delay between dashes, Homing Beacon doesn’t trigger Damage Reflect anymore (Yay!) and if a missile from Homing Beacon targets an enemy which dies or disappears before the missile hits, the missile now targets at another enemy, Open Portal: GX-9 now has a 2 second cooldown between using portals (Does not apply to party members), Advanced Homing Beacon’s damage boost has been reverted, but Tank Mech now reduces Homing Beacon’s damage to 60% of the original damage, Rock ‘n Shock’s cooldown is now 20 seconds shorter, Heavy Salvo Plus now has only 2 lines, but its attack interval has been decreased (Mille Aiguilles now?), Support Unit: H-EX’s effects now show up as a buff icon and its debuff effect will now show up on newly respawned monsters (Purely a visual fix), Enhanced Support Unit now increases self-destruct damage (Useless), but both its damage boost and its Party Reinforce hyper are halved, Giant Robot: SG-88’s normal damage reductions from both the passive effect and while using the skill are removed (The %HP damage reduction while casting is still there), Bots ‘n Tots’s toy robots move faster and the skill cooldown is now 40 seconds, Robot Mastery now increases damage by 6% for every robot summoned (Rock ‘n Shock and Open Portal must be fully summoned before they count and they only count as 1 robot each, toy robots from Bots ‘n Tots do not count), and Full Spread now reduces Homing Beacon’s damage to 60% of the original damage as well (Does not stack with Tank Mech’s Homing Beacon damage ratio).

Xenon: After giving Combat Switch: Air Whip an extra line, Combat Switch: Explosion is now the weakest of the 3 3rd job main attacks, therefore Explosion has been buffed by increasing its damage and decreasing its cast delay, and Mecha Purge: Snipe gained another line.

Kaiser: Skills activated via Command no longer drains HP, but now instead have their final damage increased by 15% and while in Final Transfiguration, you can now activate Runes and active Link Skills and also teleport while climbing ropes and ladders.

Angelic Buster: While using Soul Resonance, you now have 100% Stance and take 20% less damage from %HP attacks.

Zero: Apparently Alpha became stronger than Beta after Reboot. As a result, Divine Leer’s Min and Max Crit Damage increase is now 40% and Heavy Sword Mastery’s damage boost from hitting every 1 less than max monsters is now 8% (Damage boost from hitting a single enemy is now 40%, or 48% with Pipsqueak Light Lumi). Time Rewind now gives you 2 seconds of invincibility after revive, and Time Distortion now gives 1 Attack Speed stage increase to party members in the skill area.

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