Upcoming skill changes REBOOT Edition! Round 3

Remember when I talked about what skill changes are gonna happen in Black Heaven and Maple Ice & Burn? Well I thought of doing another one, this time it’s REBOOT, World Tour (September 10 update), and Chuseok (September 26 update). Here we go! The changes!

Round 3: Chuseok

There aren’t a lot of skill changes this time around and some of the changes are fixes to errors that interfered smooth play. But there’s still some noticeable changes that are too good to pass up.

Hero: Combo Fury’s range when using the skill with the down arrow key has been increased, however you will no longer charge up Combo when using the Hookshot function, Shout now hits 3 times, its stun duration is now 6 seconds on all levels, it now has a 10 second cooldown, and if used with the down arrow key, the skill consumes 2 Combo and does not stun, but the attack range increases and number of hits become 6, Puncture now passively increases Shout’s damage by 160%p, Advanced Final Attack – Opportunity’s activation rate boost is now 15%, and Rising Rage’s max monsters hit is now 10.

Paladin: Heaven’s Hammer – Cooldown Cutter’s required level in KMS changed from 195 to 162. Since passive hyper skill level requirements in KMS are not the same in GMS, I don’t know what the old level 162 passive hyper in KMS is. But comparing Heaven’s Hammer – Cooldown Cutter’s new level in KMS to the same hyper’s level in GMS, it’s 162 in KMS while 155 in GMS.

Archmage (Fire/Poison): Mist Eruption’s passive effect of increasing Poison Mist’s DoT damage is now 300%, and Inferno Aura’s MP consumption per second is now 100 MP.

Archmage (Ice/Lightning): Teleport Mastery – Range is now a toggle skill.
Bishop: Bahamut now inflicts a debuff called Bahamut’s mark and what it does is enemies with the mark will now take 25% more damage from all other attacks and Righteously Indignant’s final damage boost increased from 15% to 25%.
Bowmaster: Installed Arrow Platter’s damage is now 85% (Sorry Phantom), but to compensate, Binding Shot now has a passive effect of increasing installed Arrow Platter’s damage by 90%p, and once you learn Bow Expert, installing Arrow Platter while holding the up key or the down key will automatically set the installed Arrow Platter at the highest angle and the lowest angle respectively.

Marksman: Snipe now procs Final Attack and Snipe – Cooldown Cutter’s required level in KMS changed from 177 to 143. Much like the scenario on Heaven’s Hammer – Cooldown Cutter, I don’t know what the old level 143 passive hyper in KMS is. But comparing the new level requirement in KMS to the same hyper’s requirement in GMS, it’s 143 in KMS while 155 in GMS.

Night Lord: Shadow Web no longer triggers Damage Reflect.
Dual Blade: Final Cut’s final damage boost is now 40% (Sorry Phantom), but to compensate, Katara Expert now gives 15% final damage increase.
Buccaneer: Nautilus Strike’s Final Attack effect is now 100% chance and its damage increased from 200% to 250% and Crossbones’s W.ATT boost is now 30%.
Cannoneer: Monkey Wave now gives 10% max crit damage for 10 seconds if used at max power, while Barrel Roulette’s effects have been revamped! Lightning now gives you a Final Attack effect, Ice now increases your max crit damage by 5%, Slow’s slow chance is now 50%, and Skull now gives your attacks a DoT effect. Barrel Roulette’s passive damage boost has been converted to a passive final damage boost, which means the passive effect still makes you deal more damage, it just doesn’t show up on your range anymore.

Wind Archer: Bow Expert now gives 10% final damage increase.
Mihile: Royal Guard now procs Final Attack.
Shade: Bomb Punch now uses only 20 MP.
Demon Avenger: Overload Release can no longer be used at 0 Overload stacks.
Battle Mage: Weakening Aura’s debuff duration after cancelling the aura is now 15 seconds and Weakening Aura – Elemental Reset now makes the debuff cause enemies to take 10% more damage.

Wild Hunter: On Wild Hunter’s Character Card, the activation rates were unchanged, but the damage boost is now 4%/8%/12%/16%.

Kaiser: In addition to existing effects, skills activated via Command now makes the next attack have 15% more final damage, you can now have 2 Wing Beat tornadoes out at the same time, Cursebite’s extra hits to debuffed enemies changed to 20% final damage boost against debuffed enemies (Final damage boost becomes 30% in Final Transfiguration state), Catalyze’s damage boost is now a 30% W.ATT boost, Final Transfiguration’s damage boost and attack speed boost are both removed, but it now gives 15% more final damage in 3rd job and 30% more final damage in 4th job, other attack speed increasing buffs (Such as Speed Infusion, Hasty Aura, and Divine Speed) now work on Final Transfiguration, and you can now jump and activate some Soul Skills while in Final Transfiguration state, and Dragon Barrage now has a 5 second cooldown, but it now hits 4 times (5 in Final Transfiguration) and does 40% more damage to normal monsters.

Zero: As added in the World Tour patch, Time Distortion no longer removes harmful debuffs from monsters (Must be an error fix).

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