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Fantasy war tactics- MapleStory 2 event review

Luminous could also be very strong on lava map I think because he could just chill on slot 4 and maybe on slot 2 or 3 is a bait so eclipse activates and he could come and disarm multiple enemys and activate equilibrium if he


MapleStory 2 Gameplay First Look

I would kill myself. Started Mabinogi back in 2008 and I quit in 2015. Did not meet many nice people. Granted it is the internet and there will always be a lot of dirtbags that are mean and rude. But still. Not many nice people.


[MapleStory] ways to make Mesos without spending money

I know in the thumbnail it says “FAST” ways to make meso but in all reality there is no fast way to make meso without spending irl money so it’s more of a subjective thing. Technically 50b in 2 weeks is incredibly fast even if


Maplestory Reboot Dawn Warrior Level 19x Training Post 5th

Damage wise all are great, bossing is also nice with all of them, you cant go wrong with any of them, so either focus on ease of funding or fun (which is subjective), EndNote: currently you cant go wrong with any warrior (yes even Paladin)

maplestory Meister professions

[MapleStory] Shadow Partner Buffed

Xenon got a major boost from Xenon’s Aegis System being automatic. Also if an opponent hits you not only does the regular missile attacks mobs but the Pin Point Salvo does too. Also Pin Point Salvo does not take away from the counter meaning more

Maplestory Blockbusters and SoloStory

[MapleStory] – Monster Collection

Some monster really no idea how to get it. Yesterday i hunting wooden mask for almost 2- 3 hour to summon the but it was not showing out any of sticky wooden mask. This is irritating! I want the slowt reward last monster is

Give me an honest answer about the insane amount of hackers in MS

[MapleStory] How I Make My Mesos in Reboot

This is NOT a meso making guide. I’m not saying this is the most efficient way to make mesos or anything, this is just to show people how I make my mesos since people were curious in how I make mesos. I put out cubing

Ayumilove MapleStory 2 New items

[MapleStory] Prime Scrolling Trixter Assassin Pants

The difference between 30% tracing (15% for weapon) and priming is honestly not a lot if you are not a Xenon. If you don’t have the spare money that Jin in this video showed just lying around, it more efficient to 15/30% trace during a

MAPLESTORY 2D platform

Why MapleStory Is Still A Good Game

A little discussion video for you guys again. Hope you enjoy these types of content because I certainly love making these kinds of vids. MapleStory isn’t as shitty a game as you guys think it is you just need to be less narrow-minded about things

maplestory REBOOT

Reviewing Every Archer Class in MapleStory

Hansen or install nexon launcher, once you’ve done that you can find maplestory in nexon launcher and install, you won’t have to install it twice since you already have all the necessary files for the game, that’s how I fixed my problem lol. That’s what