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Ghost Ship Exorcist

Maplestory Reboot: Kinesis (what am I doing?)

I can’t believe you still check up on the comments you get on this video xD. I was looking around for maplestory reboot gearing guides and this video was one of the top videos! Glad to see that you don’t only answer questions on your

Maplestory Familiars

DaBoki’s Thoughts On ReBoot Server : MapleStory

But Reboot has a lot of drops that can help(like Spell Traces you can sell for a lot of mesos and event items) and if you have killed a lot of monsters it is kinda hard to pick up the items you need when others

Maplestory 2 - Historic Desert BGM

[MapleStory] Best Thief Fifth Job Skill

It may have been a glitch, but I saw a vid where a dB stacked asura with his 5th job skill. like the animation of asura was canceled by chains of hell allowing another skill to be casted while asura dmg is still active. how’s


[MapleStory] Top Five Best Bossing Classes (2016)

I haven’t played Maplestory in years and I am using this video to see what ms bossing is like and how things have changed. thank you for the very informative video and disclaimers. consider me a sub. emil berg Aran is more complex now. Good

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[MapleStory] Best Class of Each Type

Frostzar You pick adventurer and then go to Ellinia after the Tutorial. On level 30 you can choose to be a cleric I think and then later to be a bishop. But I honestly can’t recommend bishop for a beginner, because his DPS is just

maplestory level 220

I reached level 220 today

While there are some stability issues still being worked on and made things a challenge I kept pushing forward, With 3 2x scrolls and a 1 day 2x scroll from the reward shop I was going to make this happen! As you can see I