We need some form of maplestory2 Expedition system

I get and completely understand that the expidtion system before had been abused with some forms of hacks which is why it needed to be removed. But this 6 only per boss has become RIDICULOUS. it is the reason why people need to get 2mil + range and what not, if an average funded group of lets say 200-300k ranged people in an expidition of about 18+ people took on some of these bosses, they’d easily be possible.

Whats become clear is it isn’t our lack of damage that’s causing us to fail in all these boss fights, but is in fact the lack of manpower since the removal of the expedition system.

We need a way to bring into the fight more than 1 party of people, we need to return to the times of sign ups for the boss fight

We should have 2 options for going into bosses.

1.Enter with the party of 6

2.Proceed to start a sign up for more than 6 people.

Doesn’t everybody remember that before they start releasing these 6 people only bosses that bossing was absolutely and completely possible?

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