Wellcome To Apply Maplestory 2

You know all that, starting Wed September 17 alpha test of MapleStory 2 is true?

And today, began recruiting alpha testers from August 28, 2009 (Thursday).
If you have not, I can apply with us here.

God’s plan you can select a tester, read the application form carefully us the receipt submitted.
Selected results of the tester’s website can be found at the Mon September 15.

(ㅠ _ ㅠ secret … sorry the holidays to return the mother.)


And as you know what you’re doing alpha testing, and will conduct its own tests that are intended for their employees
I’d meant to target the general user testing before the official open beta testing.

Why this time out is also an expanding company we are alpha testing

This is because I wanted to go with you to create a MapleStory 2.

And it’s even harder to accept that many people when he wanted to accelerate faster step.

Maybe because they lack the first test point, but please note Offering a broad mind,

White and ready to fire up the test day taewoomyeo our flowerbed!

Dear hasimyeonseo newly visible lines on this website is also around 2 times MapleStory Visit
I’ll ask a lot of interest and support until the alpha test starts.

Puts gathered here might be wondering what to add to your.

Thank you.

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