What are some of the most needed changes for non-KMS classes?

They are going to launch this Blockbuster kind-of-a-thing starring non-KMS classes, and many non-KMS class players (including me) are hoping for skill rebalacning/revamp. So IF they make any changes to non-KMS classes in this coming update, what are some of the changes you would like to see in Hayato, Kanna, BT and Jett?

As for a Jett user, I want:
1. Backup Beatdown to be an infinitely continuing skill.
Backup Beatdown’s final hit attack is programmed to be automatically activated after about 7-8 seconds. This is very annoying because the delay after landing the final attack is insanely long. So I want it to infinitely continue as long as I hold down the skill key, just like Xenon’s Beam Dance.

2. Backup Beatdown’s speed limit to be removed.
Let’s be honest. Jett SUCKS. It’s weak, it’s fragile, and its Link Skill requires NX. The only good thing about her is her speed. However, when you use Backup Beatdown it locks your speed at 120. You can’t even jump while using the skill. Killing mobility of a class which mobility’s all it has? Please.

3. A HP-recovery type of skill
Jett has absolutely no way of healing itself other than potions. That becomes a serious problems when you’re challenging some of the bosses that has potion cooldown. Although this problem can be eased through Aran’s Character Card, it would still be nice to have a recovery skill.

I like Strikeforce Showdown as it is… Although its chance of activation is really low, it’s still much better than being activated once every 100 sec.

In just 30 seconds, Strikeforce Showdown was activated 7 times and did nearly 1/4 of all damage dealt. If it’s nerfed to be activated once 100 sec, Jett’s DPS will be severely damaged.

Some bosses can debuff you, and Bionic Maximizer does not have any resistance to that. (certain skills like Magic Guard cannot be debuffed by bosses) So if you’re very unlucky, the boss will debuff you as soon as you use BM and you’ll have to wait 90 sec to reuse it… Although it does not matter that much, because Jett is very fragile regardless of whether you have the skill on or not.

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