What is the name of the intro song they used in 2015?

Hey folks.

I used to play maplestory way back in the day and we all remember the classic login theme song (the one which they are using again today).
I was just wondering: A few months ago i played Maple again for a week or so and during that time there was a differen song playing at character select. It was sort of an epic-sounding theme song, that i very much liked.

My question is, since the song no longer plays at the character select screen, what was it called? I’d very much like to listen to it again but i’m unable to find it on youTube or anywhere else for that matter.

Can you tell me the name of this song, or can you send me a link to somewhere i can listen to it?

Many thanks,
Kars (XXlArcher, lvl 75 Ranger, 2006 – 2008, Scania)

That is not the one i meant. The one i am talking about had something related to “Black Heaven” as background; with the same girl that is in the background of world select today.

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