Which skills should I use as Hayato?

Forgive me for not having played him in a while and checking, but from what I can remember while murdering zakum with him during the crush event at his revamp, it seems the update only added on to his arsenal more than editing existing stuff soooo .. . . . I’d just tell you to TRY EVERY SKILL OUT as its really situational from my experience playing him. He’s got the most mobility i’ve seen in any class and a sorta thief / warrior hybrid going in skill style and usage. With that said, Hayato needs pro controls to pull off that mobility and utility of skills. That control comes from having messed around with all his skills in different situations to see what gets the job done best, in my personal experience. I’d recommend testing things out in Dimension Invasion or some timed content such as that where you have to be as efficient in skill choice as possible when only doing the minimum necessary funding to clear it. For me, that was about . . . 200 – 250m blown on spell trace and star force when I had thrown my maplestory mesos at the ******* to get through Dimension Invasion around lvl 150 – 160 (before update) while my dawn warrior of the same level was in clean equips doing the same in less time -_-. I’lll leave a link to my video comparing the two if it helps, just note its dated content with the reboot patch and what not rebalancing.

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