Why is Nexon Harrassing me?

“Kicked for the Hack reason”, I have never hacked or botted in my gaming life, ever I’m a full supporter to get botters off the maps where they plague and map wipe hack. So anyways the reason I am posting my experience is because I’m a tad bit angry at this company that sadly is in charge of the game I enjoy, it all started not too long ago with my Kanna, after countless hours of grinding meso to obtain meso % gear so I can efficiently grind for my main. I found myself being kicked after kicked after kicked for the supposed reason of me “hacking”, friends and guildies told me it was a misconnection with their server so it saw me as a hacker. So I ignored it and kept reclogging countless times, also I rarely talk in chat because for some reason their chat isn’t customizable to resize the text, and in 1080p it shrinks the text to almost unreadable text, at least for me sadly I need glasses but I digress the point is I ignore chat 80-100% of the time while I’m immersed in the world of maple farming countless hours to achieve greatness for my character.

So anyways today is a very disappointing day, I was excited for the weekend so I went out of my way and purchased 60$ worth of nexon, I know some of you think this is pocket change but it is the almost exact cost of an entire store bought game, I bought some pets for my main and Kanna it was a delightfull time doing so. So then I proceeded to do my Totem Hunting event quests, did one then two then three as I approached the end of my fourth quest I got disconnected…..I didn’t see the old “Hack” reason message, so I thought heh its probably on my end. After countless attempts to reconnect I decided to connect straight from the Maplestory launcher, that’s when I found out that I had been banned for 2 weeks……. yup I bought 60$ of NX just so I could be wrongfully banned….no email no nothing, I love the game but I don’t know how I feel about being trolled by a legitimate company, march 2 Blade and Soul releases Warlock class, sadly if this doesn’t get responded to with great sadness I will have to retire my nexon account. Sorry for the rant it just feels wrong if I don’t let people know about honest players who are caught in the raging ban hammer of the GMs.

Well according to nexon they don’t really care about their flawed system, cause I just got a copy paste reply, basically telling me that I’m still screwed and have a nice day……im greatly disappointed I spent any currency in a game managed by such poor customer service.

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