Why MapleStory Is Still A Good Game

A little discussion video for you guys again. Hope you enjoy these types of content because I certainly love making these kinds of vids. MapleStory isn’t as shitty a game as you guys think it is you just need to be less narrow-minded about things and actually take the time to explore the game ESPECIALLY you old time players returning to Maple.

The thing is I try to join guilds and interact with people… nobody seems to care in this game.. everyone just sits in henesys. It might just be my experience but i feel like ms has become a solo game..(I play in Reboot).

Well I started to maple in 2004 in Korea and I’m having so much fun right now playing maple even though I’m playing alone! I usually play for like 6 months and not play for an year, then that repeats over and over again and I can see all the changes! I mean like seeing so much change every time I play is cool and weird.

I like this game, however I hate how much money nexon makes and doesn’t fix their crappy coding. Any godly PC will still manage to lag from pet loot and get teleportation lag. Other than that, I still enjoy playing the game, just wish that they can fix it.

I know a guy who was 2m-2m. Except the issue was he was in my guild and I hated the guild so much I said suck ma balls I’m leavin nobs, then he came wanted to fight me and I told him where I am. After a bit of chatting I defamed him and ran and he stalked me using a hyper teleport rock. He even found out my other characters somehow. What a creepy fucker he is.

Pre-Big Bang would always be the best Maplestory, but I’m glad they reverted a lot of the changes that killed the game. The Big Bang era basically killed all bosses and training areas with the exception of LHC, and made it the only way to get decent equips is to spend actual money.

The current one is not bad. The quests actually provide story line and give decent enough EXP that you’re not wasting your time, and you get some nice equips or items at the end of it. The bosses are not useless and provide a burst of EXP and potions. There are tons of areas to train that aren’t useless. The only problem with it is that unless you spend money for good equips, the game will feel clunky and shitty; and the fact that most of the bosses can be solo’d and teleported to means that no one is really socializing outside of free market.

I started back when there was that Beta version. I usually just mess around a lot and made many different characters. I stopped a month-ish before Evans came out and got back into about a month before they changed levels for job advancements (having just got to level 120 shadower before the change, now 145 but unfunded and mule…being that all my first characters of any game turn out to be mules anyways). I do miss some stuff like Kerning Pq, Carnival Pq, especially Pig Beach (map). I don’t buy nx or anything, I make a lot of mesos mainly from events and some from hunting. I do have 159 bishop, 135 dk on reboot. Rest are Bera which i just began a Bowmaster.

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