Why should players take more time every day to do mystic gate

If your range is over 500k please lower it to give other players a chance. If you’re heavily funded you can easily do this simply be equipping a regular/dumpy weapon. It should lower you enough that you won’t be killing it in three hits or less.

Killing it faster is usually a moot point. Getting the LAST hit in is good and getting the most OVERALL damage is good, but simply wiping it out in two seconds doesn’t really help you much at all.

If you lower yourself to 500k and wipe out half it’s damage in say 5 to 7 seconds, then let the other lower level players have a chance you’ll STILL get the first place spot.

Ultimately Nexon is to blame (as usual), they should have made this event both damage capped and line capped… and they had over a YEAR to get it fixed… apparently they just didn’t care (as usual).


Not all them, in Windia so far only that Uber guy has been a jerk. Claimed he couldn’t lower his range because he didn’t have equip space, which was a pretty flimsy excuse. All the other high range Windians I’ve seen so far, from Cakes to LaughAtMyDamage have all reduced their range when people asked.

Its not really how you’re making it out to be, because in your scenario, they only have a chance to steal “your cupcakes.” In Mystic gate, there are plenty of players that have all their equips on that are ready to “steal your cupcakes” if you don’t make it there fast enough. If this wasn’t true, a thread complaining about this wouldn’t be made. Just because you take off half your equips, you can’t expect every other player to.

You’re reading into my exact wording a little too much. If you’re not capping, then your dps is dependent on %skill damage and lines. If you’re capping, your dps is basically 50m*lines per sec, or proportional to your hps. Most of the players 1 hitting are hitting cap. Would you rather me say hps? It wont make a difference in my argument im making. Or, if we’re not talking about capping players, I’ll just keep my wording the same.

Thats basically like saying “RA is so expensive for noob players. Stop being greedy and make it 500k a piece.” Everybody is working for their own gain. We’re not going to double, even possible triple the amount of time that it would take us to farm mystic gate rewards just so that other players can get more boxes than us, or so that other players that are “fat greedy-guts” can 1-hit before we have a chance to kill.

Why should players take more time every day to do mystic gate just so that random players that have slower load times can make it in? If a few players unequip all of their gear to benefit noobier players, whose to say that everybody will do the same? You can’t really call players greedy just because they dont want to spend extra time doing events that they don’t have to spend much time on.

I already complained about this the other day. I am in no way a funded player, even though i am over level 200. I still have the same issue, even at my level. I think they had the bosses low on purpose for low level people to do this quest, not have some high and mighty insensitive ms people abuse it to the point no one else can do this quest. Even at level 200, i still have this same issue. My damage is still so low, i can barely even get 1 hit on the boss. Sometimes i do..sometimes i don’t. This is basically a event that only caters to high level damage people. Unfortunately, alot of those people are either abusing the system or are insensitive to the low levled people who don’t do alot of damage or even the high level people that don’t do alot of damage either.

Trying to lessen the blame or fault on others for not having enough range and showing up late for mystic gates is selfish. The amount of disrespect you have towards high range players is disgusting. I truly hope that nobody helps you; what a pity party of a thread this has become.

I said it once, I’ll say it again. Why should funded players have to spend extra hours farming up all their items just because other players don’t have fast load speeds? Being funded =/= Fast load speed. Load in faster and hit the boss and you’ll get rewards too.

If you already have fast load speeds and you’re saying that players should take off their equips so that YOU can get more rewards than them, and funded players don’t comply, that’s not selfish. If it were selfish that funded players want more rewards, then it would be selfish for unfunded players to request more rewards than funded players.

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