Why won’t Maplestory World bar load

This is a problem I’ve been having for quite some time now. After the last update before Reboot, the worlds wouldn’t show up no matter what I did. I stopped trying for a few weeks and then it worked again. But the same thing happened again with this new update.

The only thing that worked for me was logging in through the game launcher, instead of the Nexon launcher, so try that. Or just keep trying with the Nexon launcher, since sometimes it works after a few tries. Yes, it’s annoying, but at least it works. :/

Or you could submit a ticket to see if a GM can help you. Here’s what they said to me last time I contacted them about this issue.

Here are a few suggestions that might resolve your issue:

1) Close any extra applications before starting the game as they may interfere with our game clients. If you do not feel comfortable turning off your firewall or antivirus, we suggest configuring them appropriately to allow the game client to run.
2) Run a Virus/Spyware scan on your system to make sure that it is clean. Malicious programs can interfere with the game and compromise the security of your account.
3) Please make sure that you have DirectX 9.0c or better and that your video card drivers are up to date. More information about direct can be found in our “Game Download” section at Nexon.net/
4) Please make sure that Windows is configured to allow the execution of the game client. To verify this, click on your Start menu, Control Panel, Performance and Maintenance (if applicable) and then double click on System. Select the Advanced tab and click settings in the performance section. Once there, select the Data Execution Prevention tab and make sure that the game client is added if the second option is selected. Also make sure to click Apply and Ok if you make any changes.
5)Repair the game installation. Open the Nexon Launcher and lick on the gear icon at the top right of the MapleStory window.
6) If all of the above solutions do not resolve the issue, I suggest that you re-download the game client and then reinstall it. For best results, I recommend that you delete the folder the game is in and any other related files or icons before you reinstall the game.

If you will still have further issues after doing the steps above, please send us your dxdiag file. To run a dxdiag report follow the steps below:
1.If you are running Windows XP or higher go to your task bar.
2.Click on, “Start Button”.
3.Click on, “Run”.
4.In the pop-up window enter dxdiag and hit ok.
5.The DirectX Diagnostic Tool pop-up window should appear.
6.Click on, “Save all information”.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

GM Brawagos
Nexon America, Inc.

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