Will we have two more Hot Weekends this month?

And will they each give out 100 FIREPOWER Coins (50 on each day)?

I know Nexon like to surprise us with these things, and normally I like a nice surprise as much as the next person, but…

As always with coin shop events, where there are purchase limits and the coins are untradeable in account, one needs to carefully plan ahead how many coins to get on each character.

Especially with this event where one can only get coins from boxes on one character (per account) per day, and do the “guild growth” on one character per account per day, it’s not a matter of “get as many coins on as many characters as you have time to grind for.”

100 Coins is quite a significant amount. 200, if we do indeed get two more Hot Weekends in August that give out that many, even more so.
I’d appreciate being able to know about them ahead of time, so I can commit characters and plan accordingly.

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