World Maps and Dungeon Guides For MU Legend Beginner

The last player invasion of the MU Legend universe occurred during the stress test on September 23rd. At the time, in order gather as much technical data as possible, only part of the MU continent was made available. Even with this restriction, thousands of fans have expressed their sincere enthusiasm for the game after taking part in the test.

With the OBT release, players will have access to the entirety of MU Legend’s world maps.
Adventuring in a new MMO ARPG world is part of the magic of gaming, and MU Legend’s vast continent will be sure to satisfy even the most adventurous explorers.
To prepare every player, MU Legend’s website now features a set of guides dedicated to the world’s regions and landscapes. Thus, exploration will lead players through three large territories: “Enova,” “Duelden,” “Lautenberg” and the big merchant city of “Ordhor.”
MU Legend, being the prequel of MU Online, brings a new twist to familiar elements of the franchise. The MU Legend team commented:
“In essence, we wanted MU Legend to embody the iconic legacy and vast lands of the MU franchise. Therefore, some place names will surely trigger precious memories in any MU veteran: Devias, a big city in MU Online, is only an outpost in MU Legend. In this way, fans can truly witness the evolution of the MU universe!”
Additional territories will be revealed in future expansions, as players level up and progress through the game. Of course, fans will be happy to hear that further territory expansions will be provided free of charge.
Among the new guides released today, one of them will no doubt be of unusually high interest to players: The dungeon guide. A previous Gaming 101 article posted by the MU Legend team describes the dungeon system of the game. The dungeon guide added on the MU Legend website today gives an in-depth breakdown of the core mechanics themselves.
Dennis Czybulka, COO at WEBZEN Dublin, enthusiastically commented:
“I can tell that, from the casual player to the most avid fan of ‘dungeon crawling’ (I confess that I am one myself), all will be delighted to get their hands on the dungeon guide.
In this guide, for example, you will learn that there is not only one category of dungeons but plenty! And the beauty of it is, they cover everything that players expect: Treasure hunting, Mythic mode, significant challenges, group dungeon expeditions and, of course, leveling.
Party leaders will undoubtedly have this specific guide open as a tool of knowledge while they organize their troop before attempting a dungeon expedition.”
The dungeon guide is a must-read for any MU Legend player. Its content is so thorough that the most famous dungeons (Blood Castle, Endless Tower, Lupa’s Labyrinth, etc.) all have guides of their own.

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