Would GMS ever get any kind of system

So I’m not up to date with KMS, JMS or any other versions but I was wondering has there been anything with explorers/other classes in other versions of MS where you could like change from one class to another? Like, I’m a Bishop, but I really want to be a fighter. Would GMS ever get any kind of system where you could change classes.

I know they have something with explorers where you can change the type of mage branch you want, but do you think it would ever be possible to change from Mage to Warrior? I’m the type of person who can’t stick with a class and I think it would be really cool to be able to change classes someday. Just a random question lol.

It’s funny you said that because I literally just got done watching a video on the rebirth system, and I never heard of it until 10 mins ago haha! But that’s not really I’m talking about, I mean just completely changing your job, and not keeping your skills, almost like making a completely new character, just not losing all your progress and having to redo all the quests you’ve done. Yeah I don’t think the rebirth system is a good idea either.


I don’t think it would work for many reasons, but one reason being you can’t use skills if you’re not wearing that class’s weapon. You can’t even buff with a different weapon. So like if you were a Bishop and you became a bowmaster, you couldn’t use HS or bless, because you’re not wearing a wand/staff. You used to be able to do that back in pre big bang, but I guess they changed it up lol. I remember using magic claw with a noob sword lmao.

I dont know… Sounds stupid if you had been magician and then decide screw this im warrior in my heart and throw away your staff, take a sword and suddenly be a skilled warrior. i can understand magician change to another magician but suddenly becoming warrior or any other class doesn’t make sense to me in my opinion.

Despite what my profile join date says, I have been playing Maplestory for 10 years (since forum accounts are not automatically created when creating your Nexon account), I just know that this isn’t going to be implemented. Its a lot of work on Nexon to do something like this, not to mention that they would lose out on a lot of money from you not needing to buy PsoK to transfer your gear over to your new character.

Its pretty easy to levelup now though, and in a few months it will get even easier to get to level 200. So its also probably not even a problem in their eyes. They probably would tell you to just make a bunch of characters and play all of them.

Its not going to happen. Just because you want it to happen doesn’t mean it will, I mean look at how much NTD wants a legacy server for christs sake…..

And yes the PsoK comment still holds, and cubes for that matter. Gollux gear is all class. Your SW accessories are all class. If you could switch from warrior to magician you wouldn’t have to worry about recubing your badge, or your emblem.

Wow… things went a little bit too harsh after a comment. I ignored the posts, but I’ll just answer back my person (2lazy2quote… but seriously, the forum is broken for me, it only loads partially, so i have to refresh 5 times at least to get a full page loaded).

But if it does ever happen, where they’re allowed to changed job because you don’t like this job and instead of deleting or making a new character, I’m pretty sure it’ll be something like a cash shop item. Because it fits that kind of directory, like how you need to pay to transfer your character out to another server/world.

And that’s what I thought, they would have to make some kind of item, or something that you give to a NPC that let’s you change your job. But just to make things clear it’s not like the rebirth system because you won’t be keeping your skills. It would kind of be like how explorers can change the branch of their job. You don’t keep any skills.

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