Would it be nice if Nexon maplestory could let us pick

If they could let us pick which worlds should get merged?

We play the game and we know which worlds need to be merged.
Pick top 3 or top 5 worlds and add onto them with lowest worlds then let us pick which ones needs to be added.
Would make a lot of people happier.
What do you guys think?

What do you think we know that Nexon don’t, about which worlds need to be allied?
Normally I’d agree with you that we as players know a lot more about the game than Nexon does.
But in this case it takes an overview, an outside perspective. And they have that.
They have all the data: how many accounts, how many characters, how many logged-in hours, how many FM shops, etc.
We, each of us knows one world, maybe two. You feel your world is empty, but do you know which worlds are emptier? Which are more full? Which are overfull?

If people got to vote they’d just vote for what they personally want, not necessarily what’s good for the game. They’d vote to be where their friends are, or to get all their characters into the same world alliance, or to get themselves into the world they think is “best”.

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