you have to survive for a decent amount of time to finish the game

I escaped the same day I the content was released, and got more battery because I killed the mosquitoes before I should, so I had to leave and re-enter. Actually don’t remember exactly what I did, but I killed the Vent Spider and one of the maps after that I was out.

I got a diary drop from the giant plant in the hallway, like the wall sign said. Some of these drops seem rare, so i suggest putting on spiders familiars and anything that increases drops rate.

It seems that you have to survive for a decent amount of time to finish the game. I’ve completed it twice, lived for about 2 hours. On one character I didn’t even go through each unique room, just kept repeating the same 6 rooms over and over again. The title reward is really good, the Maple Saint title is better but if you missed it then get this one.

Anyway, my run today was, well, fair. I’m up to 15 pages (finally got the pages from the Spider and Plant), and I did get a pretty good Buff Pill from one of the bottles, which increases Accuracy by 200. (I’ll save it for RA later.) The pages I need are, I believe, the ones from the Test Tubes and the one from the Exit, of course.


I found out something important. If monsters appear in a room and you leave it without killing them, they do not disappear, and will still be there if you happen to enter that room again. Which seems to happen now and then. It’s even possible to leave a room via one exit and enter the same room. As of now, there seem to be ten rooms total, not counting the Tutorial Room, Entrance Room, and Treatment Room. These aren’t official names, but to summarize (spoilers, btw).

Can’t quite figure this dungeon out. I got to the exit on two characters and got the titles. Spent the same amount of time (and more) on another three characters and can’t seem to find the exit before running out of batteries. I also went through a vent that did not have any creepy marking on it and I went to the death room (not sure what it’s really called, when the game ends).

Once I was in a room and monsters started spawning randomly (not at the usual time and not after opening boxes). Also there was a glitch were an Orderly started floating around the map like a ghost and never attacked me lol. My lvl 90 Kanna can’t kill the boss without the timer running out, but every other character can.

Also on one character I found a red lens case and my character seems to think something suspicious of Marilyn. Yet on another character I found a blue lens case and that character seems to think there is a villain out there somewhere? I’m so confused xD.

I noticed in several of the rooms there is a big clock next to a door. I had a theory that maybe if I followed the clock-doors out I might find the exit sooner lol. I ran out of batteries but I’ll try again on another character after class and see if it gets me anywhere.

So I’ve been playing Madhouse for 4-5 days and I’ve come upon this room three, maybe four times. There’s the document box on the top of the pipe and when you open it, Dr. Cosi has a note that says “I used a multiplication table for the code to the safe in this room. I’m sick of memorizing random codes.”

But this room doesn’t have a combination safe… All there is that I can use is the experiment report, the breakable safe and the test tube. Is there supposed to be a combination safe here and my game doesn’t show it?

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